What We're All About

Our goal is to create insightful and relevant training courses that you can put to work in your personal and business life.

Learn Something Every Day

“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” With iDigital Space Academy, we are providing you with Powerful Digital Skills to Create Wealth and Live your Dream Life.

Michael Agwulonu
Chief Instructor
Abouit Us

Who We Are

Affordable, Structured, and Outcome-Driven Digital Skills Training.

Big Field Digital Academy is an initiative with the aim of contributing to the development of young people in this digital age. We equip our trainees with the most sought-after industry digital skills and focus on helping them leverage practical experiences to make them job-ready at the point of course completion.

To provide young people with quality practical digital skills training that increases their prospect of creating and advancing their impact in the digital economy.

To equip 1 Million young Africans with outcome-driven in-demand professional digital skills that impact their productivity, innovative mindset, and profit companies they work with or their personal businesses.

Actionable Knowledge

We don’t provide “X INR” worth of tools. We teach you how things work, how to be an experimenter & the tools of the trade. Skills come first. Tools, after all, are all tools

Unique Teaching Approach

The approach that fits best for the course & learners. E.g: Our Digital Marketing teaching approach combines data, psychology & creativity to inspire authentic digital marketing spirit

Lifetime Community Support

Every learner at UppSkill gets access to lifetime community support. Also get access to mentors, startups and a growing network of professionals in your domain and across domains